Tuesday, September 29, 2009

more apartment info

Hey I as well as my lovely friend and fellow CT resident Ms. Kendall I am looking to move from CT to ATL if you didnt already know!... I have been on every website you can imagine to look for apartments and it does start to drive you a little crazy o_O. I heard of promove when i was applying to school and i kinda just ignored it..but since Ms. Kendall brought it up to me again and shes getting great results i figured why not..ill try it out. And my promove rep is.......(drum rolll please ) TODD! ha ha anyway todd will be helping me with my search and i will be going down to atlanta in a few weeks to see some places!..who knows maybe me and Ms. Kendall will be neighbors!! =)

If you are looking to move and need help with your search contact Promove Today!! they are a great help and you get your own personal representative that will help you the whole way through!!

love you dolls!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my new home

ok well I don't have a new home yet!! but I'm working on it...So i was accepted into the school I want to go to but the housing the offer isn't in the best area of I'm looking for apartments! I found a few that I like and I think my mom and I are going to go down to check them out..after the unfortunate flood that they had. Apartments there are very nice and also cheap! which I love =) and I already have 2 job offers which is also a plus!! so as long as you ladies and gents don't steal my apartments I might show them to you ;) anyway just a small little update!!

much love,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'M back!

Oh my gosh soooo I'm back from my trip to ATL and it was amazing...I got to spend time with my honey which was great he made me a nice dinner and we got to just relax! =) I was also able to get some things done for school and believe it or not I have to be back in like a week and a half =) My mom and dad are gonna drive me down and hopefully I will be ready by then..probably not but please check back for more updates and tips and tricksOn the way to ATL

My view from my seat on the plane! =) I love planes
okk sooo I have lots of fun when im in the hotel room alone :) it was my first trip alone so I had to entertain myself =)

love you dolls

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Small Update on me!

Hey Dolls! ugh busy days for me! =( I just want to let you all know what I was up to and how im doing =) .. I have 3 10 hour days to get through at work then ill be leaving for Atlanta! I cant wait I have ALOT im gonna be getting done. So ill be doing some bloggin while Im there with plenty of pics!! and Ill probably write some post on the plane ^_^

much love <3

Monday, September 7, 2009

RE-VAMP starting to think I have a problem but...I re-did my blog again lol check it out =) im starting to love making headers so much that I have made some for friends and I make myself A a new one like every week!!! anyway tell me what you think!

much love!


Hey dolls! I hope you all are having a great labor day! I know I am (no work =D) enjoy your day and relax and be with the ones you love!!Love ya!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


ok I have fixed the comments and you should be able to post one! =) that took me long enough

much love

As of now....

posting comments on my blog is not available =( soo for now just comment me in my c-box!!! ill get back to you and thank you to my loves who have already commented me


Hey dolls! So I wanted to do a special "cant live without" this sunday. This week its not a product or something I can just throw in my bag =) This week is about a special lady! My mama =D It's not her birthday or any special holiday but I wanted to give her some recognition. My mom is my rock and I dont know where I would be without her.
She has gone through so many tough times in her life to make sure my sister and I have everything we need!! She may piss me off and get on my nerves sometimes but shes a mom and that;s her heres to my mom, someone I really can not live without!!! love you lady!! ;)

Dana's Giveaway!!!

Dana of My simple Randomness! Is being a big sweetheart and giving away some great items heres what you have to do to enter!!

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Good luck loves <3

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Up and coming!

Hello guys and dolls! Just wanted to let you know whats coming up in my blog!

stay tuned loves <3

slacker =/

Hey guys and dolls!! im sorry I didnt post my CLW on Sunday my computer was acting like a nut and I was able to get on blogger =( but I will be posting soon and the besttt part my ATL trip is coming up!! ON september 12th im leaving mommy =) it bad that im already packed?! oh well please check back and I will have some great post for you!!

lovee yall