Friday, October 30, 2009

chilllayyy =P

The cold weather is arriving =( saddd sad sad but i Love this time of year perfect cuddle weather! ^_^ one of my faveee things to wear during the cold weather are thermals or "waffle shirts...I have one on right now!! I get mine at Aerie and I love them they are sooo comfy and warm and usually wear them under other shirts :)

I also love them because as you may or may not knowwww im all extra tall hehe soo the sleeves are really long and so are the shirts themselves! Last year mine were only 12.95 but now they are 24.95 but I would still buy more! I have my pink one on now and its keeping me nice and cozy especially because im really sick =( but I hope you girls go out and get some they are great!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Katrina's Generous Giveaway ^_^

Katrina is having a very generous giveaway!!

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1 LUSH Bath Bomb
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1 Hello Kitty pouch
1 Hello Kitty notepad

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Friday, October 23, 2009

long time no blog =)

Hello dolls =) I missed all of you I have been absent from my blog! woopsie! ok but im back now and Also gained a few new followers which I always appreciate and would love to hear your opinions..In the past few weeks I haven't done much different. I did however join the dark side and get an iphone ^_^ no more blackberry. I couldnt be happier I LOVEEEE my iphone =)

anywhoooooo I dont know If any of you are having this certain problem but in CT we are having a crazy ladybug problem haha..they are just everywhere...and I mean thousands!! Heres a few pictures of the ones i found =)

one was in my car and the other at my job =) oh well at least they arnt that big of a bother =)
Keep checking back Im going to have some great things for you soon ladies!!
love you all ^_^

Friday, October 2, 2009


This Post is especially for all my ladies that like to rock the low rise jeans so pay attention =)

I cam across this website one day just browsing the web for helpful hints and I found this one product that is great for low rise jeans or any jeans. The Product I am talking about is called JAKS from the website Miss Oops What they are...are mini camis that you wear from about your belly button down so that they are an easy cover up for your low riders when you sit down!.
When I first saw them I thought what a great idea!! yea we all have camisoles and all but these are simple and wont create the lines that some camis can give you under your shirt!!

"Jaks is an absolute must for women who are not willing to give up their low-rise jeans and partake in “mom jeans.” Jaks is worn over jeans and under tops—much like a shirt extender. It appears to be a lace camisole layered underneath your shirt- but actually, Jaks is the latest fashion weapon used to cover up butt-crack and muffin tops. Bend over and sit down ladies – Jaks has you covered!. " -from

Miss Oops also has many other great products for your everyday wardrobe problems whether your needs are double sided tape deodorant remover or if you want to make you boobs bigger lol! =) but if you need it they have it! check out Miss Oops right now!!

Love ya


IN LOVE!! Now that its fall the weather is getting cooler and its nice to have someone to cuddle up to! =) So If felt the need and want to share with my followers a little something about me! So I have been in a few long term kind of relationships and even tho im only 19 I have always had a more mature state of mind when it comes to relationships. I never wanted to just hook up or mess around if you know what i mean lol! I always have wanted that long term are you husband material relationship ha ha! SOooo and this is a true story! =) I met this guy via the internet (before you think anything keeeeep reading lol) so we met online and got to know each other through im's text web camming with each other the whole 9 yards! I had to make sure who I was talking to was ...well who i was talking to lol..
So we finally met and of course i was smart and we met in a public place and all that..but we hit it off extremely well..we talked for a whole YEAR before we even met(talk about getting to know someone!!) And I cant even tell you all how glad I am that we talked so long because it really gave us a chance to get to know each LONG story short we have been talking every single day for the past 6 months and its hard because we live in different cities but...I think if something is meant to be then it will BE. With him I get that feeling that I havnt had with anyone else..the feeling that it just is perfect! =) ok now that I shared my love story lol do you dolls have any opinions on internet dating or meeting or just dating in general?? feel free to share your own story ^_^
love is a great thing dont be afraid to show it

Love ya!!

Tall glass of water ;-)

Hey dolls! I dont know how many of you know but I am a very tall women lol... I stand at a lovely 5'11...and a half lol and need about a 36" to a 38" inseam for my pants =(... sad face because (and if your tall you understand) not that many stores carry jeans with that long of an inseam!! =( so a few weeks ago I ordered some jeans online which I would say is kind of risky because you never know how different brands will fit. My main problem is not them fitting more if they will be long enough! SOooo I ordered a few pairs and OMG =) they go way past my feet hehe I love it ^_^ I ordered them from ALLOY and I will definitely be buying more! I also ordered a cute little peacoat from Alloy!! If your a tall lady like myself please check out the site you can chose how long your inseam is
There are also a few stores that carry jeans with long inseams! such as

I hope you guys found this info...informative lol! =)
love ya!