Tuesday, September 29, 2009

more apartment info

Hey I as well as my lovely friend and fellow CT resident Ms. Kendall I am looking to move from CT to ATL if you didnt already know!... I have been on every website you can imagine to look for apartments and it does start to drive you a little crazy o_O. I heard of promove when i was applying to school and i kinda just ignored it..but since Ms. Kendall brought it up to me again and shes getting great results i figured why not..ill try it out. And my promove rep is.......(drum rolll please ) TODD! ha ha anyway todd will be helping me with my search and i will be going down to atlanta in a few weeks to see some places!..who knows maybe me and Ms. Kendall will be neighbors!! =)

If you are looking to move and need help with your search contact Promove Today!! they are a great help and you get your own personal representative that will help you the whole way through!!

love you dolls!