Thursday, March 26, 2009


Welll all I really have to say is that who ever wrote in my shout box..thank you!!!! it really made me laugh.. If thats how you feel good for you im glad that you think im so ugly and all this other stuff but still were on my page HAHA =] you can write what ever you like, freedom of speech so by allllll means please continue to express yourself. But let it be known that (besides right now) I dont concern myself with petty drama such as internet fighting..if thats how you feel about me then good for you! And for your information my pics ar not photshopped...the color is changed but there is nothing thats gonna change the look of my face =] NO ONE AND I REPEAT NO ONEEEE asked you to like me and I was not put on this earth to please you. So if you would like to continue to be all means do soo HAVE FUN my pet =)

till next timeeee!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Its 8:00 am and i dont know whyyy on earth I'm awake right now!!!!! But since I'm up I feel like talking about men...or maybe I should call them boys!!.. I cant stand when guys play games ..especially when your supposed to be at an adult age I dont know it just gets old after a while...I might become a nun so I dont have to deal with men anymore so I guess my question is...ARE THERE ANY REALLLL MEN OUT THERE STILL?! I guess not

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My mini food review =]

Soooo since I went to Atlanta and basically ate out every night...I feel the need to do a small food review!!! So the first day I was in Atlanta I went to Wolfgang Pucks restaurant.
I honestly expected the food to be really good but it wasn’t all that great! I had raviolis but they were spicy…and COLD!!!! So to some up my experience there it wasn’t worth the money at ALL!!! The next day I went to the Hard rock Café.
I loved it there the food was great and so was the service! I had steak with mashed potatoes and veggies =) I would definitely recommend going there. The atmosphere is great they play music and it’s just a lot of fun. The night before I left to come back home I went to a Restaurant called Shout.

Now the food here was okkk…I don’t know if I would really recommend it. My waiter was a complete jerk he told my mother and I how he had an alcohol problem and I mean I’m sorry for you but that’s not something you just go out and tell people…but that’s beside the point. The food was ok… I just had some pizza because everything else on the menu was just odd…and for the price you would expect something much better

So on my Jessica Scale of 1-10
Wolfgang Puck: 5
Hard Rock Café: 9
Shout: 2

Hone Sweet Home!!

Theres nothing like home =] I feel like no matter where you go or how much you loved a place nothing can compare to just being at home!!! I left Atlanta so latee we waited on the runway for like 40 mins..but somehow we still got to New York on time?? lol oh well. The weather was soo depressing in ATL yesterday and today... nothing but rain =[ but as soon as I got home it was nice and warm!! Well its good to be home and in my own bed =] until next time...


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ipod Obsession...

I really just decided that I have a smallll obsesssion with my ipod. In almost every single picture i take i have my ipod on!!!! but i need it cuz it gets me hype haha just something I felt the need to point out! =] BYE

And i'm off!!!

Welll today is my last day in ATL and I have to say that I really love it here. I love the people the placesss lol its great!!! I kind of want to live here by the fall...but there are some extremely important people in my life that I would hate to leave behind...but we'll see what happens. Anyway Im going to be leaving my hotel tomorrow around 10:30 and my flight is around 1:00 =] im sad to leave Georgia but at the same time Im realllllly happy to go home..I miss my dogs lol soo I'll write when I get home!!! until next time =]

Friday, March 13, 2009


SO im in Atlanta and I LOVEEE it here I want to live here so bad haha...I visited the school I want to go to and I loved it you really couldnt ask for more in a school. Today I went to the world of coca colaaaaa ...and for those who dont know I LOVE SODA!!! haha so i was really happy to go. The city is soooo big but I have an unlimited train and bus pass which I would really recommend to anyone who visits here =] So tomorrow im gonna do some more sightseeeing!!!! so until next time!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What to pack =]

Ok so as you know I will be leaving for Georgia in 2 DAYS and I'm only going to be gone for 4 days but I feel the need to pack my life in my suitcase!! So as I go through my suitcase now I'm seeing that I packed so many things that I have never worn or will NEVER wear!!! SO to sum up this blog if your going on a short trip...pack only what you need, don't pack things that you know you wont wear or NEED!!! I ended up taking like 50 things out of my suitcase =] all you need is a couple pairs of jeans a few shirts and a nice outfit in case you go out AND OF COURSE!!! comfy shoes =] and don't forget your make-up and hair care products because those are the lasttt things you want to leave at home!!!

and I'm DONE :)
next time I write I'll be in Atlanta =]

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Don't get caught with your pants down =]

hahah so my bestest...decided she was gonna open the door on me when I was using the bathroom...thankfully all I was doin was zipping up my pants =]...picture says enough lol adiosss

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Go away snow!

So once again it SNOWEDDD which is nothing new. I'm getting so tired of the snow and cold weather and I can not wait until spring and summer roll around!! Thankfully though I will be leaving in about a week to go to beautiful Atlanta Georgia!!! I'm going there to check out a school and hopefully all will go well! The weather there has been so nice, and believe me I will take any weather that doesnt involve snow right now lol..Im so excited to visit and hopefully begin a new chapter in my until next timeee