Wednesday, August 26, 2009


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Why I Love Atlanta

Hey ladies and Gents!! I wanted to do a post On why I really love Atlanta. Everyone always ask me why I want to move to ATL all the way from Connecticut so I thought to myself you know what I'll write a nice blog post explaining everything! To start off I was born in the south (North Carolina) so the South is where my heart is. If you live in CT or the tri state area..or even any where up north and you have been down south, the one big difference you will see is peoples attitudes! People down south are so polite and just genuinely nice. BUTTTT anyway back to why I love Atlanta. Atlanta is a great growing city that has so much to offer here are some photos from when I went to Atlanta

This is the Woodruff Arts Center where students from SCAD have some classes and put on shows.

One of my favorite places,The World Of Coca

The Georgia Aquarium which is right next to the world of coca cola

Now this pic I didnt take but its a picture of the beautiful Centennial Park in Atlanta

Those are just a few Photos of great spots in Atlanta. Being down in the A has even more to offer than just fish soda and some fountains lol. They have great restaurants night clubs and shows to see with friends or that special someone!!
So I hope reading this gives you all a better outlook on why I want to move
Stay Tuned for more ATL stuff and beauty tips <3

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

On the Move to ATL pt 2

Ok so as you know I am preparing a move to Atlanta. And im sure if any of you are moving or have moved before you have plenty of obligations at car payments(like myself) or rent, food, ect.. So my first savings tip I can give you all is to cut down on the morning coffee run to Starbucks and Dunkin donuts. You can save money by bringing your own coffee from home or even a homemade muffin or bagels! Believe me cutting down on even that small amount of money like 4 dollars a day can save you tons of money.. think about it 4 dollars a day for a month thats... a little over a hundred dollars =D So if your saving to move im sure and extra $100 a month will help!!

until next time loves <3

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pearly whites!

As I write this blog I am sitting here with my Listerine Whitening strips that self dissolve. Now I used to have braces when I was in middle school and I pretty White teeth...Now once I got them teeth changed for the worse!!!! but ever since I had gotten them off I have tried sooo many whitening strips toothpastes and everything else you can think of. for the past few weeks I have been using the Listerine self dissolving strips and they work great probably the best ones I have ever used! ...the only downside is that the taste absolutely horrrrrid!!!! omg i have to keep a bottle of water next to me all the time ew! but other than that I have to say I love them! SO if you dont mind that taste please try them

On the move to ATL pt 1

So as most of you know I am planning on a big move. I have been to Georgia a few time and the first place I went to was Savannah. Now if you have never been there you should really try to go I mean its just beautiful!! From the historic house to the parks just everything makes it a great place to visit.

Now even tho I loved Savannah my move is not going to be there. ATLANTA!!! is where my heart is. I was born down south and I feel like that is where I BELONG! I love the whole idea of a city lifestyle and I have big plans for my life anyway once im down there!!!

so around october I "SHOULD" be all moved in and in school and all that jazz!! so please stay tuned for all my tips and how to save when moving and everything you should have when you move so far away from home! <3
until next time love ya!!!

Cant Live without

Hey everyone! so if you read one of my blag post from a week or 2 ago you saw that i purchased 2 new products from M.A.C. which were Cherish satin Lipstick and Viva Glam V Lip glass
Ever since I bought them I never leave the house without them!!

and here are both products out of their packaging!

Check back next Sunday for my "cant Live Withouts"!
and watch out for my moving tips and savings ideas!!

New stuff!

Hey loves!!! so I have been pretty busy with trying to get all set for school and my move to Atlanta GA. I have decided im going to document my move and also add some new things to my blog..once a week im gonna be showing you all an item I "Can't Live Without" and I will also keep you informed on all the steps im taking and whats important when moving to a different state!! So everyone stay tuned for some new changes!! <33 love you all =)

Monday, August 17, 2009


Hey Everyone while I was on Katrina's blog I noticed in one of her newest post that she wrote about a friend of hers that makes blog headers..SO I decided I would try it out to!..I have emailed Cathrine at and gave her all the info on how I wanted my blog header to look and she is in the process of making one for me that im sure will be wonderful!! All you have to do is place a few links on your blog and she will gladly make you a new header! So please check out the links and Get a great new blog header today!!!!

until next time loves <3

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beauty Buzz

SO today i bought Some products at m.a.c and suprise or not they were the first things i have ever bought at m.a.c lol =) I would post pics but I lost my camera charger and I have 2 dead camera batteries =( anywhooo you can always look them up online. The first thing i bought was M.A.C satin lipstick "cherish" and I love it its nude but with a pink tint to it...and the Second thing i bought was M.A.C. Lipglass "viva Glam V" together they look wonderful and I wish i could show you!!!

until next time loves<3

Thursday, August 13, 2009

And my trip is...

BACK ONNNN! =) So for a while I wasn't sure if I was going to Atlanta or not but im gonna be leaving on the 10th of September to get some things done for school and then I should be gone..well for a while =) But anywhoooo I cant wait to leave and start my life somewhere new =) oh and my birthday went great I had a great time with my friends and I couldnt have asked for a better birthday!! talk to you soon lovess <3

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yay so it is officially my birthday and Im really excited =) why you ask?! later tonight myself and a big group of my friends and friends of my friends are going out to celebrate!!! I do have to work today and I dont mind I think its wack to call out on your birthday ...why not get some money! =) but ill blog later with pictures and an update on how my day and night went
much loveee <3