Friday, November 27, 2009

Hand Sanitizer isnt just for germs!

As we all know Hand sanitizer cleans your hands of nasty little germs..but did you know it also can be used for something else?? I was painting my room one day (like really painting...changing the wall color lol no finger paints! ) and i got a hugeee glop of glue on my favorite jeans! ...why I was wearing my favorite jeans to paint..I don't know either either!

ANYWAY! I didn't even notice till after the paint had dried..I tried everything to get it out water, soap, washer, shampoo(lol) everything! One day I was wearing the jeans in my house and I spilled my sanitizer on the jeans and it rolled down to where the paint was..and you know what else started rolling off?? THE PAINT!! I was so excited I got a towel and took my sanitizer and did the rest and I was able to wear my fave jeans again!!

One little tip that I hope helps you guys and girls out if your ever in a jam..(or paint ^_^ )
eh it wasn't that funny lol!
love ya guys and dolls <3

Love hate life and friendship all rolled into one

Hey everyone..I felt the need to write this because I had some drama go on this evening..Something I said via twitter was read by someone and this person thought it was about most of you don't know me but I don't talk about people behind their backs. If i really have something to say I would say it..AND THAT'S THE TRUTH! This is the second time that someone has claimed I was talking ish about them and I wasn't and it was someone i was good friends with, and the same with this story that also wasn't true..someone who is a friend to me is someone I would never talk about..but it does make me feel bad that someone really thought I was talking about them when its something I wouldn't do..

OK to end the rant and make a long story short! People should really check into things before they assume someone is talking about them..Both times I was not talking about either of these people but they jumped to conclusions and thought i was ..just know that I cherish my friendships because you only have so many friends you can rely on ...just some thought in my head

thank you to all my followers..I would rather have 30 great followers than a 800000 fake ones! I love each and everyone of you and all of your blogs..thank you for putting in the time to write things that I and others appreciate!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hey dolls (and gents =] ) Just wanted to wish you all a very happy and safe thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family or friends and just take the time to enjoy each others company and be thankful for who is in your life!

like my turkey :) I made him special just you guys! lol poor turkey..but he is tasty what can I say! ^_^

Love ya!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hello my gorgeous ladies and gents!
I have ordered my boots and I am overly excited!!

I love emmmm!..they are on sale for $99 with tax and shipping $109! :) which I love
I love Chinese Laundry shoes they have great prices and every kind of shoes you could want. I mean if weren't so tall I would wear heels or these cute booties all the time

So anyway thats that..and Im also going on another trip to Atlanta! cant wait to go and just get away from here for a while... tty soon loves!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

all about me ^_^

Hey Dolls!
It's about 3 am hehe and im up. SOOOOO I was webcammin it up because im extra hyped up! enjoy
my lovely photos

I guess I have a thing for my hand on my neck o_O lol idk maybe I need some sleep!

night loviess <3

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

shoes...OMG SHOES!

Hey Dolls!! So it's getting pretty cold and one thing that I love Love LOVE! are boots! and as you may or may not know I stand at a very tall 5'11 :) and that lovely height also comes with some pretty big feet lol I admit it! I wear size 11 shoes!! ahh so anyway! it is extremely hard to find size 11 anythingggg! let alone what I want which is a flat over the knee or at least to the knee boot! so I searched the web and I found a few that I like so far..

these are from Piperline they fold up to make them even taller which I love

These bad boys are from Endless I like them but I dont know how I feel about the bedazzled top lol

and these lovely booties are from Chinese Laundry I love these and they are also leather which is great !

sad but true it took me hours justtt to find these 3! But I will never give up when it comes to looking cute hehe... And to all my tall Dolls! don't give up we shall overcome haha ok i'm done..but really don't give up..If you look hard enough you can always find something for your tall selves!!

I love yall!
and always appreciate your comments and all of my new followers your great and I love ya <3
let me know which shoes you guys think are best I like em all hehe