Monday, January 24, 2011

Can I get a chair?

Ok so at my job I stand..ALLLL day. sometimes for 10 hours straight. Now standing for long periods of time cant be good for your feet. I sadly found out its not good for mine =( my poor foot was bleeding because of all the pressure I put on it everyday(according to my Dr.) Now im at a point where i put all my weight on my other foot because I cant take the pain anymore! ahhh I just want a stool or something yeesh =(..

Anywhooo my job search continues in ATL! my future roomie and friend who is already there has our 2 bedroom apartment set up..only thing missing is me =( I think I sent my resume out about 60 times in the past 2 weeks maybe more >_< but I have been using my future address where my friend is now so hopefully that will help some. I have my fingers and toes crossed that I will find something soon because all this snow in Connecticut is starting to really be depressing!

I hope you all have a great work, school, or anything week!
much love xoxox

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Moving on

I think my move to ATL is back on for the 5th time! Alot of things have put my move on hold. work money school all that fun stuff. But as the weeks and months have gone by It keeps making me realize that Atlanta is where I want to be. I have done my research and been there plenty of times so its not just a all the sudden thing =) a friend of mine recently moved into a nice two bedroom two bath by herself and pretty much told me the other room is mine when ever I find a job! wooo! only problem is..No one wants to hire you when you live 900 miles away -_- so i got rid of my address on my resume and we will see how that turns out.I think I sent my resume to about 5o+ places so fingers and toes crossed that it works out!

Until then im working at the same boring restaurant but thankful that I have a place to work! ^_^
oh and side note! It's our 8 month anniversary !

Joel my former bff is my boyfriend. we met through a mutual friend and became friends so quick and eventually it turned in our lovely relationship we have today =)
I have never been treated so well before I love him!

Peace and love my little suga muffins <3

Friday, January 7, 2011

so I was thinking..

Why start another blog this one is perfectly fine and its my baby! and the thought of making a brand new one was irking my nervesss -_- so long live "Live for today" I was feeling sexayyy this evening and cam whoring it up in my room and my result

ooooo honey childdd ^_^ I was feeling my self a little hehe
anyway I hope you will all stick around to my old but wonderful blog!