Monday, January 24, 2011

Can I get a chair?

Ok so at my job I stand..ALLLL day. sometimes for 10 hours straight. Now standing for long periods of time cant be good for your feet. I sadly found out its not good for mine =( my poor foot was bleeding because of all the pressure I put on it everyday(according to my Dr.) Now im at a point where i put all my weight on my other foot because I cant take the pain anymore! ahhh I just want a stool or something yeesh =(..

Anywhooo my job search continues in ATL! my future roomie and friend who is already there has our 2 bedroom apartment set up..only thing missing is me =( I think I sent my resume out about 60 times in the past 2 weeks maybe more >_< but I have been using my future address where my friend is now so hopefully that will help some. I have my fingers and toes crossed that I will find something soon because all this snow in Connecticut is starting to really be depressing!

I hope you all have a great work, school, or anything week!
much love xoxox


Anonymous said...

You'll love Atlanta. It's a great space to CREATE opportunities for yourself. Not to mention a beautiful and welcoming city.
= ]

BTW, I'm your new follower, Chymere. Be sure to check out my blog too!