Friday, October 2, 2009

Tall glass of water ;-)

Hey dolls! I dont know how many of you know but I am a very tall women lol... I stand at a lovely 5'11...and a half lol and need about a 36" to a 38" inseam for my pants =(... sad face because (and if your tall you understand) not that many stores carry jeans with that long of an inseam!! =( so a few weeks ago I ordered some jeans online which I would say is kind of risky because you never know how different brands will fit. My main problem is not them fitting more if they will be long enough! SOooo I ordered a few pairs and OMG =) they go way past my feet hehe I love it ^_^ I ordered them from ALLOY and I will definitely be buying more! I also ordered a cute little peacoat from Alloy!! If your a tall lady like myself please check out the site you can chose how long your inseam is
There are also a few stores that carry jeans with long inseams! such as

I hope you guys found this info...informative lol! =)
love ya!


Rai said...

I can't relate. lol I'm so not tall.

Jessica G. said...

lol aww! well i can understand being short and all the pants being too long!! =)

aRRe said...

ahhh, im soo looving you right now!
I'm 5'8 and I usually go for a 34 inseam but sometimes thats not even enough. I'm happy to know that there are jeans w. longer inseams that aren't tailor made! lol...s.o. to ALLOY!


Jessica G. said...

aww anything for my tall girls!! =)