Monday, April 12, 2010

M 5th trip to ATL my second this year!

As some of you know from reading my blog I LOVE ATLANTA!! lol I reallly love it. SO im going again for the second time this year this coming friday. Last time I went was in January into Feb. Its crazy cause I go just to get away..and to see my boo of course! lol so my next post will be from atl and Im going to try and take lots of pictures because I never do >_<

peace and love


Nefd said...

atlanta is popping man love it there

i love this blog

im going to follow it cause im digging your style its very ill i love it can you please follow me

at im follow you it would be great if you did the same thank you =]

nef d

7Teen Twenty2 said...

awesome, ive never been but i think im goin this lookin forward to it

Anonymous said...

atl is great for a vacationn but definatley not to live ,
nnyccc is so much better .

fOllOW ! COMMENT ! PROMOTE ! :) its greatly appreciatedd .