Sunday, March 15, 2009

My mini food review =]

Soooo since I went to Atlanta and basically ate out every night...I feel the need to do a small food review!!! So the first day I was in Atlanta I went to Wolfgang Pucks restaurant.
I honestly expected the food to be really good but it wasn’t all that great! I had raviolis but they were spicy…and COLD!!!! So to some up my experience there it wasn’t worth the money at ALL!!! The next day I went to the Hard rock Café.
I loved it there the food was great and so was the service! I had steak with mashed potatoes and veggies =) I would definitely recommend going there. The atmosphere is great they play music and it’s just a lot of fun. The night before I left to come back home I went to a Restaurant called Shout.

Now the food here was okkk…I don’t know if I would really recommend it. My waiter was a complete jerk he told my mother and I how he had an alcohol problem and I mean I’m sorry for you but that’s not something you just go out and tell people…but that’s beside the point. The food was ok… I just had some pizza because everything else on the menu was just odd…and for the price you would expect something much better

So on my Jessica Scale of 1-10
Wolfgang Puck: 5
Hard Rock Café: 9
Shout: 2