Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What to pack =]

Ok so as you know I will be leaving for Georgia in 2 DAYS and I'm only going to be gone for 4 days but I feel the need to pack my life in my suitcase!! So as I go through my suitcase now I'm seeing that I packed so many things that I have never worn or will NEVER wear!!! SO to sum up this blog if your going on a short trip...pack only what you need, don't pack things that you know you wont wear or NEED!!! I ended up taking like 50 things out of my suitcase =] all you need is a couple pairs of jeans a few shirts and a nice outfit in case you go out AND OF COURSE!!! comfy shoes =] and don't forget your make-up and hair care products because those are the lasttt things you want to leave at home!!!

and I'm DONE :)
next time I write I'll be in Atlanta =]