Thursday, March 26, 2009


Welll all I really have to say is that who ever wrote in my shout box..thank you!!!! it really made me laugh.. If thats how you feel good for you im glad that you think im so ugly and all this other stuff but still were on my page HAHA =] you can write what ever you like, freedom of speech so by allllll means please continue to express yourself. But let it be known that (besides right now) I dont concern myself with petty drama such as internet fighting..if thats how you feel about me then good for you! And for your information my pics ar not photshopped...the color is changed but there is nothing thats gonna change the look of my face =] NO ONE AND I REPEAT NO ONEEEE asked you to like me and I was not put on this earth to please you. So if you would like to continue to be all means do soo HAVE FUN my pet =)

till next timeeee!!