Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I Love Atlanta

Hey ladies and Gents!! I wanted to do a post On why I really love Atlanta. Everyone always ask me why I want to move to ATL all the way from Connecticut so I thought to myself you know what I'll write a nice blog post explaining everything! To start off I was born in the south (North Carolina) so the South is where my heart is. If you live in CT or the tri state area..or even any where up north and you have been down south, the one big difference you will see is peoples attitudes! People down south are so polite and just genuinely nice. BUTTTT anyway back to why I love Atlanta. Atlanta is a great growing city that has so much to offer here are some photos from when I went to Atlanta

This is the Woodruff Arts Center where students from SCAD have some classes and put on shows.

One of my favorite places,The World Of Coca

The Georgia Aquarium which is right next to the world of coca cola

Now this pic I didnt take but its a picture of the beautiful Centennial Park in Atlanta

Those are just a few Photos of great spots in Atlanta. Being down in the A has even more to offer than just fish soda and some fountains lol. They have great restaurants night clubs and shows to see with friends or that special someone!!
So I hope reading this gives you all a better outlook on why I want to move
Stay Tuned for more ATL stuff and beauty tips <3


SOmEtHiN lOvElY said...

tri-state all day! (im from jersey) lol

Jessica G. said...

haha gotta still rep CT lol! =)

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Nice banner :)

Jessica G. said...

thanks love! =)