Sunday, August 23, 2009

On the move to ATL pt 1

So as most of you know I am planning on a big move. I have been to Georgia a few time and the first place I went to was Savannah. Now if you have never been there you should really try to go I mean its just beautiful!! From the historic house to the parks just everything makes it a great place to visit.

Now even tho I loved Savannah my move is not going to be there. ATLANTA!!! is where my heart is. I was born down south and I feel like that is where I BELONG! I love the whole idea of a city lifestyle and I have big plans for my life anyway once im down there!!!

so around october I "SHOULD" be all moved in and in school and all that jazz!! so please stay tuned for all my tips and how to save when moving and everything you should have when you move so far away from home! <3
until next time love ya!!!