Friday, October 23, 2009

long time no blog =)

Hello dolls =) I missed all of you I have been absent from my blog! woopsie! ok but im back now and Also gained a few new followers which I always appreciate and would love to hear your opinions..In the past few weeks I haven't done much different. I did however join the dark side and get an iphone ^_^ no more blackberry. I couldnt be happier I LOVEEEE my iphone =)

anywhoooooo I dont know If any of you are having this certain problem but in CT we are having a crazy ladybug problem haha..they are just everywhere...and I mean thousands!! Heres a few pictures of the ones i found =)

one was in my car and the other at my job =) oh well at least they arnt that big of a bother =)
Keep checking back Im going to have some great things for you soon ladies!!
love you all ^_^


PIA said...

Hmmm.. I think I need to get with the iphone game, maybe? ahhh, and we have so many lady bugs here, too.

Rai said...

Ew @ ;ad bugs, I would be freaked out all the time!

Jessica G. said...

omg the lady bugs! they are everyyyyyywhere!! and the iphone is great =) i love mine!!

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

oh my gOsh over here in pennsylvania to i was just saying the other day what is with all these lady bugs it was crazy!