Friday, October 2, 2009


IN LOVE!! Now that its fall the weather is getting cooler and its nice to have someone to cuddle up to! =) So If felt the need and want to share with my followers a little something about me! So I have been in a few long term kind of relationships and even tho im only 19 I have always had a more mature state of mind when it comes to relationships. I never wanted to just hook up or mess around if you know what i mean lol! I always have wanted that long term are you husband material relationship ha ha! SOooo and this is a true story! =) I met this guy via the internet (before you think anything keeeeep reading lol) so we met online and got to know each other through im's text web camming with each other the whole 9 yards! I had to make sure who I was talking to was ...well who i was talking to lol..
So we finally met and of course i was smart and we met in a public place and all that..but we hit it off extremely well..we talked for a whole YEAR before we even met(talk about getting to know someone!!) And I cant even tell you all how glad I am that we talked so long because it really gave us a chance to get to know each LONG story short we have been talking every single day for the past 6 months and its hard because we live in different cities but...I think if something is meant to be then it will BE. With him I get that feeling that I havnt had with anyone else..the feeling that it just is perfect! =) ok now that I shared my love story lol do you dolls have any opinions on internet dating or meeting or just dating in general?? feel free to share your own story ^_^
love is a great thing dont be afraid to show it

Love ya!!