Friday, November 27, 2009

Love hate life and friendship all rolled into one

Hey everyone..I felt the need to write this because I had some drama go on this evening..Something I said via twitter was read by someone and this person thought it was about most of you don't know me but I don't talk about people behind their backs. If i really have something to say I would say it..AND THAT'S THE TRUTH! This is the second time that someone has claimed I was talking ish about them and I wasn't and it was someone i was good friends with, and the same with this story that also wasn't true..someone who is a friend to me is someone I would never talk about..but it does make me feel bad that someone really thought I was talking about them when its something I wouldn't do..

OK to end the rant and make a long story short! People should really check into things before they assume someone is talking about them..Both times I was not talking about either of these people but they jumped to conclusions and thought i was ..just know that I cherish my friendships because you only have so many friends you can rely on ...just some thought in my head

thank you to all my followers..I would rather have 30 great followers than a 800000 fake ones! I love each and everyone of you and all of your blogs..thank you for putting in the time to write things that I and others appreciate!!