Wednesday, November 4, 2009

shoes...OMG SHOES!

Hey Dolls!! So it's getting pretty cold and one thing that I love Love LOVE! are boots! and as you may or may not know I stand at a very tall 5'11 :) and that lovely height also comes with some pretty big feet lol I admit it! I wear size 11 shoes!! ahh so anyway! it is extremely hard to find size 11 anythingggg! let alone what I want which is a flat over the knee or at least to the knee boot! so I searched the web and I found a few that I like so far..

these are from Piperline they fold up to make them even taller which I love

These bad boys are from Endless I like them but I dont know how I feel about the bedazzled top lol

and these lovely booties are from Chinese Laundry I love these and they are also leather which is great !

sad but true it took me hours justtt to find these 3! But I will never give up when it comes to looking cute hehe... And to all my tall Dolls! don't give up we shall overcome haha ok i'm done..but really don't give up..If you look hard enough you can always find something for your tall selves!!

I love yall!
and always appreciate your comments and all of my new followers your great and I love ya <3
let me know which shoes you guys think are best I like em all hehe


♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

i lOve boots winter is the perfect season for my shoe fetish lol i enjoy ALL THREE but i'd go with the last pair they look a little more versatile for some reason!!!

Rai said...

I'm in need of more boots. I've been eyeing them on

Jessica G. said...

i love the 3rd ones to!! and Rai i would buy them at gojane.. but my feeties are so big! =(

Sweetestluf said...

I love the second one !